Caprus offers aviation solution to Indian players

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Caprus IT, a global software solutions and integration services provider which has developed a solution to improve the efficiency of airlines and MRO players in the US, is looking to offer the same to airlines in India.

Fleetcycle, developed by EmpowerMX, an aviation division of Caprus, tracks aircraft maintenance activity, forecast availability, and reduce downtime.

Major airlines and MRO firms in North America are powered by the product, which is stated to have helped them in saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

More than 60 percent of US commercial aircrafts in 2015 were powered by EmpowerMX, said Dinakara Nagalla, founder, Caprus IT and president and CEO, EmpowerMX.

He was talking to reporters on the occasion of inauguration of the company’s new facility here on Wednesday.

Nagalla said the company was expanding to Europe and Asia Pacific. It is in talks with major airlines like Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Indonesia Air.

In education, Caprus has partnered with Brain Sciences to build nextgen therapeutic education platform and also connected games platform to help autistic kids.

The company, which has 1,000 employees at all its locations in India, United States and Europe, is also building a healthcare predictive analytics platform. This will be rolled out next year.

The privately held company has 250 employees at its facility in Hyderabad and it plans to increase the headcount to 1000 in 18 months.

It invested $20 million at all its locations since 2007. Aviation accounts for 60 percent of the company’s revenues.


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