CA Technologies releases CA Mainframe Application Tuner

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies has released CA Mainframe Application Tuner.

The new release is aimed at driving increased business continuity by speeding performance resolution for critical applications.

The rich graphical interface in CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 is designed to increase productivity to quickly resolve performance inefficiencies in z/OS-based systems before they impact the customer and the business bottom line.

CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 extends the company’s cross-platform application performance management solution. Its graphical user interface enables CA Mainframe Application Tuner to discover tuning opportunities, simplifies root cause analysis and speeds resolution of application performance problems to drive improved business service performance.

“We are focused on enabling the next generation of IT professionals to more effectively manage the cross-platform, hybrid computing environment of mainframe, distributed and cloud,” said Aline Gerew, senior vice president, Software Engineering, CA Technologies.

“The graphical interface in CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 has a look and feel similar to other CA Application Quality and Testing Tools, which helps lower the learning curve for next-generation technologists and helps them to resolve performance problems more quickly,” Gerew added.

LVM Performance Management Specialist Jurgen Falk said adding a graphical interface to CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 is a major advancement in the CA Technologies strategy to modernize the mainframe environment for today’s IT worker.

The new Eclipse-based user interface for CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 supports IBM Rational Developer for System z and comes at no additional cost. In addition, CA Mainframe Application Tuner 9.0 provides enhanced support for applications that use IBM DB2 for z/OS, IBM IMS for z/OS and CA IDMS databases.

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