CA Technologies extends access management services to Asia Pacific

CA Technologies

CA Technologies extended its consumer access management technologies – single Sign-On and Advanced Authentication – into the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).

“In today’s application economy, Asia Pacific markets are changing; as many businesses undergo digital transformation, they realize that anytime, anywhere and any-device access is the new standard,” said Vic Mankotia, vice president, Security and API Management, APJ, CA Technologies.

CA Single Sign-On and Advanced Authentication allows consumers to login once to access all of their applications, while protecting against online identity fraud and unauthorized access via risk-based authentication and multifactor credentials.

The US-based software company noted that its solutions will play a crucial role in the application economy where customers are far more likely to experience a brand and interact with an enterprise through software than a live person.

According to Mankotia, Asia Pacific is leading the charge in terms of enhanced consumer access management, particularly in the banking and finance industry.

“I believe that we will soon witness rapid adoption of SSO and advanced authentication in other consumer-facing sectors as well, such as citizen services, which could enable access to citizens’ data such as medical records.”

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