CA Technologies devises strategy for mainframe customers

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies has devised a strategy to support mainframe customers that are transitioning to the dynamic data center and move closer to the state of business enablement at zero cost.

CA Technologies invests in creating mainframe solutions that have the required tools to make dynamic data centers possible. The company aims to make data centers that align closely to customer’s business needs while offering reliability, security and speed.

The CA Technologies Mainframe strategy sustains investments in foundational technologies that matter to the evolution of data centers and the modern mainframe. The company plans to collaborate closely with customers to develop products that meet customer’s needs.

CA Technologies’ mainframe Solutions revenue was $622 million in Q3 FY2013.

The company’s Mainframe Software Rationalization Program (MSRP) assesses the portfolio needs of each customer to help them to realize estimated savings of up to $1.4 million a year by streamlining for savings and returns on investment.

CA Technologies’ mainframe portfolio helps customers transition to the dynamic data center that delivers business services seamlessly across mainframe, distributed systems and the cloud.

Extensive Mainframe Portfolio features integrated products designed to lower the  total cost of ownership and deliver lower licensing costs, simple installation processes and easy upgrades.

CA Mainframe Chorus allows users to create dashboards to manage DB2, workload automation and other functions all from one place.

CA Workload Automation, which was released earlier this year, integrates the user experience across the hybrid computing environment of mainframe, distributed and cloud to reduce complexity and proactively manage and anticipate the needs the dynamic data center.

CA Communities, the CA Technologies online user community, gives customers direct access to over 38,000 company experts, partners and users.

CA Technologies posted a 4 percent dip in revenue to $1.195 billion in third quarter fiscal year 2013. The company plans to perform a detailed diagnostic and lay out a plan on how to achieve strategic and financial goals.

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