CA Technologies announces new release of CA Workload Automation

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies announced a new release of CA Workload Automation, a cross-enterprise solution designed to set a new standard for how business services are delivered by automating workloads.

The solution offers an enhanced user interface (UI) and expanded application and platform support.

Enterprises will benefit as the new solution offers an integrated user experience across distributed, mainframe and cloud platforms helping to optimize cost and increase the speed of business service delivery.

“We have relied on CA Workload Automation for several years to process application workloads, such as financials, manufacturing resource planning (MRP), control and ordering,” said Jeremiah Smith, information systems administrator, Harris Corporation. “The solution allows our application teams to gain insight into their job schedules during the day, including what processes are running and how so they can solve problems more quickly.”

CA Workload Automation includes several new capabilities that help customers reduce the complexity of managing workloads across the hybrid computing environment of distributed, mainframe and cloud. Supported by new releases of CA Workload Automation AE, CA Workload Automation iDash and CA Workload Automation iXP, among others, the solution helps improve business service delivery to drive a positive customer experience.

Mark Combs, senior vice president, Strategy, Mainframe, CA Technologies

Mark Combs, senior vice president, Strategy, Mainframe, CA Technologies, said: “This release further builds on our rich history of reducing complexity and costs for our customers, and driving improved operational efficiency to better meet service level agreements and drive a superior experience for their customers.”

According to Bob Schwartz, president and CEO, Robert Mark Technologies, a CA Technologies partner, CA Technologies has continuously done its due diligence with customers to understand and deliver on their needs, and the latest release of CA Workload Automation is proof positive of that. With the integration, enhanced user interface and cross-platform support, customers can better achieve the flexibility and scalability to meet their unique needs.

Pavel Vaynshtok, president, Wall Street CA Workload Automation User Group, said: “This release of CA Workload Automation brings new benefits to the table such as potential cost-savings realized from the integration and support of some of the most popular software used in the data center. This support reduces the amount of scripting required by development and it provides a single-view framework for an entire workload.”

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