CA Technologies acquires Nolio

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies offers its CA LISA solutions to address the most critical challenges in operationalizing DevOps methodologies. The company has acquired Nolio to bring continuous delivery capabilities to CA Technologies service virtualization business. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

CA LISA helps customers improve application development and delivery. The combined application delivery solution enables customers to simplify and streamline application releases, develop and test applications rapidly, move applications into production automatically with higher quality and ensure continuous application delivery across the software development lifecycle.

The solution is designed to improve business and operational agility while driving efficiencies, cost savings and faster release cycles and helping customers to  achieve an optimized approach to DevOps.

Nolio has a strong and growing international base of large enterprise and service provider customers. Nolio’s solutions help improve business and operational agility by simplifying, standardizing and executing application releases with better precision. It automates application rollbacks for faster recovery and service continuity and enable fast, agile and scalable release automation for cloud and traditional applications.

The CA LISA Application Delivery suite includes CA LISA Service Virtualization which reduces or eliminates constraints by modeling dependent systems and services. The latest version has mainframe capabilities, international support, and additional protocols and data capabilities.

The CA LISA Release Automation dramatically improves the ability to move application software efficiently and reliably through the development process and into production across vastly different IT environments spanning physical, virtual and cloud.

The CA LISA Pathfinder enables IT organizations to better model real-world environments for development and test using intelligence from both development and production.

Lastly, the CA LISA DevCloud Manager ensures that the environments and infrastructure used in development, test and production are ready for applications, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.


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