Business Software Alliance will be renamed as BSA | The Software Alliance

Infotech Lead India: The Business Software Alliance has unveiled a new brand identity.

Reflecting a strategic alignment of its operations and the transformative impact of software on every aspect of modern life, the organization will be known as BSA | The Software Alliance.

The new brand reflects BSA’s focus on ensuring members can seize new opportunities to accelerate their growth globally. That entails protecting the intellectual property rights that spur technology innovation, breaking down emerging trade barriers, and advancing policies that will help the global cloud computing market flourish.

“We started 24 years ago as the Business Software Alliance because the industry’s biggest focus in its early days was on providing tools for enterprise. Today, we are simply The Software Alliance, because the benefits of software innovation extend into every aspect of modern life,” said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman.

“Our member companies are making education and health care more effective, transportation more energy-efficient, entertainment more interactive, communication richer, and the world around us more navigable. BSA’s brand identity celebrates that evolution and transformative impact,” Holleyman added.

The rebranding includes a new corporate logo representing the tight connections between BSA’s global public policy, government relations, public education, and intellectual property enforcement activities, which it conducts from 14 offices around the world, including its new global headquarters near the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

“We have aligned BSA’s operations around integrated advocacy initiatives and expanded anti-piracy programs that deliver strategic value to our member companies as they continue innovating and the marketplace rapidly evolves,” said Holleyman.

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