Brahmin deploys Zmags Creator and increases e-commerce transactions to 111%

Brahmin, high-end handbag and accessories retailer, has deployed Zmags Creator, content marketing platform.

With the help of Creator, Brahmin has created rich, interactive Web experiences, including home page promotions, lookbooks, feature graphics, banners, video galleries and more.

The company has experienced a 111 percent increase in e-commerce transactions adding up to an impressive 20:1 return on investment.

This apart, Brahmin enjoys creative freedom and can measure and optimize campaigns.

Additionally, company has seen 50 percent increase in page views during the critical first 10 seconds and 16 percent increase in customer sessions.

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According to Zmags, Creator reduces the time and complexity from ideation to publishing content on a website.

Brahmin says it can now update its website with media-rich, engaging experiences two o three times per month, can keep site fresh and engaging and can deploy live updates to the site in seconds instead of days.

“By using Zmags Creator, Brahmin has more than doubled its click-through rate and is driving more online revenue as a result. We are earning a 20:1 return on our investment,” said Alison Katz, director of direct-to-consumer at Brahmin.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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