Booz Allen Hamilton to enter Saudi Arabian IT market

Infotech Lead Middle East: Booz Allen Hamilton is set to enter the Saudi Arabian IT market.

It will provide services to government and enterprises focusing on cyber security, information technology, transportation and other selected infrastructure.

The company will also offer services to clients in the financial services, healthcare, defense and other markets.

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The $5.86 billion Booz Allen Hamilton, a provider of management and technology consulting services, will continue to expand its government and commercial consulting business in the Middle East and North Africa.

Booz Allen Hamilton, which offers consulting services to the U.S. government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations, says the firm’s regional headquarters is in Abu Dhabi, and Booz Allen also conducts business in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

“In 2013, the Kingdom is investing in health, the financial sector, social services, education and transportation and water infrastructure,” said Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Don Pressley, who leads the firm’s MENA operations.

Booz Allen Hamilton says the Kingdom’s government has begun to invest seriously in cyber security with widespread plans for the region, and is working to increase awareness and protection around cyber threats.

In addition, the firm will guide civil government, defense and security clients in the development of their technological capabilities, as well as supporting transportation planning with geospatial capabilities, emphasizing a holistic, full life-cycle approach that integrates technology decisions with broader concerns that can lead to a stronger outcome for clients.

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