Bond International deploys HP Autonomy solutions

Infotech Lead America: Bond International Software Group, a recruitment, HR and payroll provider, has adopted HP Autonomy solutions to enhance its recruitment process system, Bond Adapt.

Several recruitment organizations use Bond Adapt recruitment applications to support their business processes.

Bond International has deployed HP Autonomy solutions as the latter’s Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) recognizes patterns, concepts and ideas in any format, such as text, video, audio or social media data.

Autonomy IDOL’s ability to understand makes it possible to analyze profile of a candidate, rather than try to match a series of keywords. This offers a significant technological leap forward over inadequate keyword matching techniques.

Daniel Richardson, chief technical officer, Bond International Software, said: “Recruiters are highly skilled individuals, and that’s not something you can replace—but what we can do is give them a tool that helps them work more efficiently. With IDOL, instead of 50 loosely related candidates to review, recruiters get the 15 most suitable and work from there.”

With the power of Autonomy IDOL, the Bond Adapt solution can ingest resumes and quickly present the most relevant candidates to recruitment agents.

“What Bond International Software is doing with our technology really underlines the critical strength that only meaning can offer organizations for getting the most out of their data,” said Rohit de Souza, general manager, Power, HP Autonomy.

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