Blue Zoo animation studio selects Dell to replace legacy HP infrastructure

Dell announced that London-based animation production company Blue Zoo has implemented Dell infrastructure to support development of the highly successful children’s book Q Pootle 5 into an animated TV series to be broadcast internationally, as well as enable the studio’s expansion into film.

With an animation portfolio including Tree Fu Tom for the BBC and Olive the Ostrich for Nickelodeon, Blue Zoo has experience working with some of Europe’s largest broadcasters.

However, upon winning the Q Pootle 5 contract for Snapper Films, Blue Zoo needed to increase its render farm architecture and workstation capacity, and fast.

Blue Zoo turned to Dell to deliver a robust, reliable technology infrastructure with scale and stability, allowing the team to work faster and better, while saving money. The solution included powerful and reliable workstations to be used by animators as well as high performance servers to drive the software.

Blue Zoo animation

The Dell Precision T1650 workstations were rolled out across the Blue Zoo design, animation and editing teams, replacing the legacy HP Z series. These Dell workstations ensured that those working on intensive projects had access to quiet yet powerful processors, delivering optimum performance and minimal distraction.

Dell PowerEdge C servers double the render-farm power without increasing server footprint or energy consumption. To provide peace of mind and protect against any delays, overall infrastructure performance is maintained by a range of Dell Services, including Dell ProSupport Mission Critical with four-hour on-site support.

The deployment shows how integrated technology solutions are helping creative businesses develop and grow. With the Dell Precision workstations and render farm, Blue Zoo is now on schedule to complete its latest TV series and is planning to expand into film as a result of its improved animation capabilities.

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