Blue Mountain Resort taps Ascent360 to enhance customer base

Blue Mountain Resort has selected Ascent360, a customer database platform (CDP) provider, to expand omnichannel outreach.
Ascent 360Blue Mountain, a popular skiing destination, aims to send personalized offers to customers through diverse channels. However, their resources were limited, and customer data was siloed in disconnected systems, including point-of-sale software, lift-ticket scanners and equipment rental databases.

Barbara Green, president at Blue Mountain Resort, said: “With data about their behavior stuck in separate systems, we couldn’t get actionable insights — and even if we could have, our one-person marketing team wouldn’t have been able to reach all of them efficiently.”

Blue Mountain will use the Ascent360 CDP in order to consolidate customer information into a single database for complete visibility. This will enable them to target emails to segments such as skiers, hikers and families.

“Our marketing campaigns will enable Blue Mountain to maximize their resources and quickly drive results,” said Scott Buelter, president and CEO at Ascent360.