Big Switch Networks’ SDN product suite promises $500K/rack in CAPEX savings

Infotech Lead America: Big Switch Networks’ Open Software-Defined Networking (SDN) product suite promises $500K/rack in CAPEX savings.

Big Virtual Switch network virtualization application enables up to 50 percent more VMs per rack, resulting in as much as $500K/rack in CAPEX savings and $30K/rack/year OPEX savings, based on a 40 server rack.

Big Switch Networks Open SDN ecosystem partners include: A10 Networks, Arista Networks, Broadcom, Brocade, Canonical, Cariden Technologies, Citrix, Cloudscaling, Coraid, Dell, Endace, Extreme Networks, F5, Fortinet, Gigamon, Infoblox, Juniper Networks, Mellanox Technologies, Microsoft, Mirantis, Nebula, Palo Alto Networks, Piston Cloud Computing, Radware, StackOps, ThreatSTOP, and vArmour.

“SDN is the most disruptive and transformative trend to hit the networking industry in over 20 years and Big Switch Networks Open SDN product suite delivers on the promise of the full potential that we envisioned when we started this company,” said Guido Appenzeller, CEO and co-founder of Big Switch Networks.

The suite includes Big Network Controller (BNC), the Open SDN platform for network applications which scales to more than a thousand switches and 250,000 new host connections per second; Big Tap, a unified network monitoring application which provides cost-effective enterprise-wide network visibility; and Big Virtual Switch (BVS), a data center network virtualization application that makes the data center network as agile and dynamic as cloud compute resources, while also driving dramatic increases in compute utilization through automated network provisioning.

Big Virtual Switch supports up to 32,000 Virtual Network Segments, enabling multi-tenancy and workload dynamism at unparalleled scale and simplicity, and offers integration into popular orchestration systems, including OpenStack, CloudStack, Microsoft System Center, and VMware vCenter.

“SDN is enabling a range of applications and bringing new-found agility to what historically has been a closed and inflexible enterprise network architecture,” said Joe Skorupa, vice president and distinguished analyst, Data Center Convergence, Gartner.


Improve compute utilization by 25 percent to 50 percent
Rescue stranded compute capacity providing up to 50 percent+ more VMs per rack
Improve VM density and drive down power & cooling costs
Reduce cost of building out new data center infrastructure

Big Virtual Switch has been priced at under $4200/month.
Big Tap starts under $500 month.
The price of Big Network Controller is under $1700/month.

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