BBC deploys business software Mediamorph to enhance digital distribution channels

Infotech Lead Europe: BBC Worldwide has deployed Mediamorph, a business software provider for the media industry, to enhance its digital distribution channels.

Through cloud-based contract and royalty management solutions, BBC Worldwide can track, measure and manage financial workflow for its digital distribution.

BBC Worldwide says it encountered challenges in managing commercial terms, understanding cross-platform viewership and handling royalty processing when it moved to digital content licensing business.

Linda Passey, senior manager, Digital and Home Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, said: “Mediamorph has provided a solution that allows us to manage these issues with tracking, measurement and financial workflow for our digital distribution.”

Mediamorph’s bespoke solution enables BBC Worldwide to benefit from data validation, royalty processing systems for revenue recognition, customized reporting, an interactive business analytics tool and a single-point tracking service.

“We’re pleased to offer a robust suite of services to BBC Worldwide, which is a prime example of the ways in which digital content are changing the landscape of the entertainment media industry,” said Michael Sid, CEO and founder, Mediamorph.

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