Barco starts campus hiring for engineers in India

Barco, a leader in professional visualization and collaboration technology, is moving to its largest global Centre of Excellence for Software innovation and R&D at Noida in India.
Rajiv Bhalla, MD, Barco IndiaBarco is targeting to expand the GEAX (Globally Empowered to Accelerate Xperiences) team in India. The company will be hiring engineers in India. Barco did not reveal more details on its hiring plans.

“We are investing in ramping up the software and R&D segments to enable Barco’s pivot towards Hybrid workplace solutions and offer employment opportunities in niche skillsets. Barco is beginning campus hiring for engineers from India’s premier technology institutions,” Rajiv Bhalla, managing director of Barco India, said.

Barco India has a strong team of talented software engineers who develop software products and solutions across the enterprise, education and healthcare verticals using diverse technology stack from embedded software on hardware devices to SaaS solutions deployed in multi cloud environment (Azure, AWS).

Ashish Gupta, vice president of GEAX, Barco India, said: “We intend to develop our India R&D Centre into Barco’s Global hub for software development and innovation.”

Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions such as ClickShare Conference, SecureStream, weConnect etc. transform enterprises by enhancing productivity and continuity for businesses, while facilitating a hybrid and resilient model that can withstand future challenges.