Barclays deploys Nuance’s voice biometrics solution to confirm customers’ identity

Infotech Lead Europe: Barclays Wealth & Investment Management has deployed Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics solution to confirm the identity of Barclays customers.

Using the sound of voice of customers, Barclays can identify securely and automatically identify their customers.

Customers can avoid answering intrusive security questions to verify their identity.

By speaking with an agent, a customer’s voice is verified using Nuance voice biometrics technology, making the authentication process quick, secure and transparent.

Barclays is the first financial services firm to deploy passive voice biometrics as the primary means to authenticate customers in their call center.

Since its introduction, more than 84 percent of Barclays’ customers have enrolled in the Nuance voice biometrics solution, with 95 percent of those customers successfully verified upon their first use of the system.

93 percent of customers rated Barclays at least 9 of 10 for the speed, ease of use and security of the new authentication system.

Matt Smallman, Client Experience Strategy and Change, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, said: “Nuance’s voice biometrics technology is playing a vital role in ensuring our wider client service transformation project is an outstanding success.”

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