Banco Multiva, Genesys and UKCloud tap Red Hat technologies

Red Hat announced that organizations including Banco Multiva, Genesys, and UKCloud have deployed hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Red Hat technologies.
Red Hat Booth 1Organizations can accelerate their digital transformations by implementing the Linux container and Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on cloud infrastructure offered through Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

“Through the increased integration between Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat OpenStack Platform, enterprises are able to build a business-grade cloud infrastructure and also modernize and deliver applications,” Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat, said.

Banco Multiva, a financial group with presence in Mexico, selected Red Hat Cloud Suite to modernize its infrastructure, and decrease the time-to-market of its electronic banking deployment.

Banco Multiva deployed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for application development, which is currently hosted on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization — helping to reduce IT expenses through infrastructure consolidation and integrating existing workloads with new technologies.

“Leveraging our new Red Hat stack has not only helped us to modernize our infrastructure and reduce IT expenses, but it also enabled us to update our service offerings for customers, taking them online faster than we could have anticipated,” Juan Alberto Muñoz Vela, deputy director of infrastructure, Banco Multiva, said.

Additionally, Red Hat CloudForms enables Banco Multiva’s IT operations teams to detect and respond to environmental changes by tracking activities, capturing events, and detecting configuration changes.

Genesys, a provider of contact center solutions, selected Red Hat Cloud Suite to accelerate delivery of its PureConnect Cloud platform.

“Red Hat has not only helped to transform our infrastructure, but has also empowered our entire organization to rethink how we use technology during the lifecycle of our products,” Rodney Poling, principal cloud architect, Genesys, said.

Genesys could manage infrastructure across its datacenter footprint and migrate away from a multi-vendor solution using Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

Genesys achieved improvements in deployment times and infrastructure agility after the deployment of Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Three years later, Genesys is now moving forward with additional datacenter deployments, adding the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on OpenStack, to more create, host, and scale applications.

Genesys is currently deploying container-based workloads to help streamline application and service delivery, greater simplify deployments and better control customer lifecycle in a more seamless manner.

UKCloud, a public cloud services company in the UK, recently launched its Cloud Native Application Platform (CNAP), a container management platform, based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

“UKCloud and Red Hat have succeeded in delivering client value through implementations,” Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud, said.

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