B Braun selects Cognite Data Fusion

Cognite, a supplier of industrial software, announced B. Braun, a medical technology company, has selected Cognite Data Fusion as the core of its Manufacturing Data Management solution.
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B Braun aims to leverage digital twins and AI-powered applications to achieve operational excellence across production, maintenance, and sustainability, Abram Ziegelaar, VP of Operational Technology at B. Braun Medical Industries in Malaysia, said.

B Braun’s Manufacturing Data Management solution will provide a digital DevOps workflow to develop, deploy, and sustain business applications. Cognite Data Fusion will integrate operational data into one contextualized data layer. The Manufacturing Data Management solution will provide information to both domain experts and developers.

“Cognite Data Fusion, which provides simple access to complex industrial data, will fast track time to value of the Manufacturing Data Management solution and empower B. Braun to build and scale business solutions,” said Petteri Vainikka, Chief Marketing Officer at Cognite.

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