Austrian supermarket BILLA deploys NCR SelfServ Checkout

NCR SelfServ
Food retailer BILLA, an Austrian supermarket, has deployed NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout hardware and software.

Initially, BILLA’s stores in Singer Street in Vienna and in Stiftingtal Street in Graz will use the new NCR technology.
BILLA is likely to deploy the NCR IT technology in additional supermarkets in the coming months.

Earlier, its sister company MERKUR tapped NCR FastLane SelfServ Checkout hardware and software.

NCR’s self-checkout software will assist BILLA to manage discounts and integrate coupon payments, in addition to cash and card payments. BILLA Advantage Club discounts can be processed at all check outs.

Using NCR self-checkouts, BILLA aims to increase the efficiency in its stores, such as the location in central Vienna. To reduce waiting times, BILLA installed five self-checkouts in August to augment the existing three cashier-manned checkouts.

“By deploying NCR self-checkouts, we wanted to introduce an additional service offering and value for our customers,” said BILLA CEO Volker Hornsteiner.

Some of the installations have shown that NCR SelfServ technology can reduce waiting times by about 40 percent during peak hours.

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