Australian Institute of Health implements SAS visual analytics

Infotech Lead Australia: The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has implemented the SAS Visual Analytics to be able to analyze large and very complex data sets to provide authoritative, evidence-based information to government agencies.

SAS Visual analytics will enable AIHW to inform policy decisions on health, welfare and community services by collecting, analyzing and disseminating information.

The Australian government has strict regulations around the integration of data sets containing sensitive information. AIHW was accredited as a data integrating authority by the Australian government as well as the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It is one of only two accredited agencies that can produce detailed information for research and analytical purposes that inform discussions on health, housing and community services policies

AIHW recently became accredited as a data integrating authority by the Australian government, along with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, another SAS customer. As the country’s national agency for information and statistics about health and welfare, AIHW aims to improve the well-being of citizens through better use of information and statistics. Governments and community leaders use information from AIHW to discuss, debate and design policies for health, housing and community services.

AIHW has already been using visual analytics in the development of new approaches for presenting decision makers with information about mental health services. The agency converts rapidly changing data sets into dashboards with rich visualizations that can quickly be  made available online.

AIHW plans to extend this capability to other subject areas in the near future.

Earlier this month Gitanjali Group on India deployed SAS Visual Analytics to explore and analyze business data, including supply chain and profitability metrics. Recently the Hong Kong Efficiency Unitalso tapped SAS Visual Analytics to easily examine data on citizens’ complaints, develop insights and quickly find solutions.

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