Aspect Software unveils Workforce Management 7.5 to improve customer experience

Infotech Lead India: Aspect Software, a provider of customer contact and enterprise workforce optimization, has unveiled Workforce Management 7.5.

The integrated workforce management product helps companies improve the customer experience by creating a streamlined work environment for contact center agents and better control over interaction outcomes for supervisors.

“Workforce management solutions have always been critical for the success of large and complex contact center operating environments. Increasingly, they are also being used to simplify management of multi-national and multi-site dispersed agents, including at-home workers, in contact centers and support organizations of all sizes,” said Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting president and contact center industry analyst.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Aspect, 73 percent of respondents view technology as playing a large to very large role in their customer experience strategy. Equally important is the alignment of a company’s contact center strategy with a company’s customer experience strategy. Nearly half of the survey respondents say that their contact center strategy is the cornerstone of their customer experience strategy.

Workforce Management 7.5 improves upon Aspect’s WFM platform by offering self-service shift bidding coupled with features for supervisors to use shift bidding approval strategies to incentivize top performers.

“Agents love our at-home agent program because they can focus on the needs of the customer without the distractions found in a busy contact center,” said Seth Ettwein, Manager Call Center Work Force Planning, Alaska Airlines. “Aspect Workforce Management allows our management team to focus more on training, problem solving, and delivering the best customer service possible, instead of spending a large portion of their time on schedules and hours, and communicating across multiple work sites.”

Aspect customers have realized improved customer service levels by approximately 20-30 percent and reduced agent labor and operational costs by around 16 percent. Workforce Management 7.5 integrates easily with virtually any contact center’s interaction management infrastructure.

For Aspect Unified IP 7.1 (Tiger Shark) users, it can also lower the total cost of ownership with features such as automatic prerequisite software delivery, more robust patching capabilities and streamlined silent installation that reduce deployment time and resources.

“As a market leader in workforce management solutions, the enhancements to the Workforce Management 7 family allow us to continue offering flexible, enterprise-wide technologies for next-generation customer contact while addressing the evolving needs of our customers,” said Spence Mallder, senior vice president, general manager of the Workforce Optimization division and chief technology officer at Aspect.

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