Aspect CXP 17 offers Natural Language Understanding capabilities for better customer service

Aspect Software announced Aspect CXP 17, the latest iteration of CXP, which offers Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities for improved customer service chatbots and self-service solutions.

The 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that 65 percent of consumers feel good about both the company and themselves when they are able to answer a question or solve a problem without having to talk to a live person.

Alongside, a new Aspect survey of customer service agents, to be released next month, found 63 percent of customer service agents said when chatbots or other automated self-service mediums take mundane questions away from them, allowing them to respond to the more complex situations, the agents feel that they are more in touch with their customers.

CXP modernizes the self-service experience by enabling things like maintaining the context of interactions when moving between channels, making self-service engagement more user-friendly while still saving enterprises cost through smart automation.

CXP 17’s other enhancements include an integrated support for spelling corrections in NLU, full support for detecting and extracting common data types such as date, time, numbers, currency values, locations, etc, and advanced support for linguistic pattern matching, giving developers unparalleled control over the accuracy of detecting user intent and extracting information from user messages.

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