ARTS uses CA Technologies’ ERwin to develop uniform data model for retail industry

Infotech  Lead America: The Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), technology standards division of the National Retail Federation, is using CA Technologies’ CA ERwin to develop a uniform data model for the retail industry.

This standard model is aimed at helping member businesses reduce IT complexity and improve profitability.

The objective of ARTS is to develop best practices, technology standards and training programs to help retailers and their technology suppliers.

Retailers need integrated IT systems that capture and share meaningful and useful data. The ARTS Operational Data Model provides a standard architecture for retail systems that is built, updated and maintained using CA ERwin.

Featuring more than 800 entities, 4,900 attributes and thousands of relationships, the model provides consistent business terminology and technology standards to help retailers build and integrate IT systems.

The operational data model is linked to the ARTS Data Warehouse Model, which is also managed using CA ERwin, and enables customers to collate and manage real-time and historical data to create meaningful reports for improved decision-making.

ARTS uses CA ERwin to help explain and optimize business processes — benefiting the business sponsors as well as the IT department.

“To increase profitability, retail organizations need a comprehensive view of information to make strategic decisions,” said Donna Burbank, vice president, Product Marketing, Data Management, CA Technologies. “With the help of CA ERwin, ARTS is addressing this challenge with a modeling effort that is empowering their members to efficiently achieve their IT goals by leveraging standardized data definitions.”

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