Apparel distribution firm Ajlan & Bros selects Oracle to improve customer engagement

Saudi Arabian apparel distribution company Ajlan & Bros has selected Oracle Commerce to improve its customer engagement capabilities and drive expansion.

Before selecting Oracle, the distribution company evaluated SAP and other solutions.

Ajlan & Bros has operations across the Arab region with a distribution network of more than 7,000 points of sale and representing more than 15 international brands.

Oracle Commerce will support the company in achieving its expansion into European and American markets. The retail software solution will enable the distribution firm to ensure better customer engagement, helping to increase cross-channel promotion and to improve a unified online, mobile and social experience for customers.

Oracle HQ

The software is capable of offering a unified, personalized and consistent cross-channel customer experience that optimizes each customer interaction. Ajlan & Bros is expected to drive sales and promote growth following the software deployment.

Oracle Commerce will equip Ajlan & Bros to leverage advanced marketing and personalization capabilities, with enhanced integrated search and content management functionality across its channels.

The enterprise software major says Ajlan & Bros chose Oracle Commerce due to the solution’s strong cross-channel ecommerce and experience capabilities, solid track record of maintaining best practice and strong presence locally.

“In order to achieve sustained growth, Ajlan & Bros recognized the need for investment in customer engagement across all channels such as online and mobile,” said Tarek Abou El-Fotouh, chief information officer, Ajlan & Bros.

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