AMD Open 3.0 servers promise 57% reduction in total cost of ownership

Infotech Lead India: AMD says its Open 3.0 servers offer 57 percent reduction in total cost of ownership.

Based on its AMD Open 3.0 specification, the AMD Open 3.0-based system reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by 57 percent: $4,589 versus $10,669 for a single server.

AMD says this cost effectiveness translates into a dramatic reduction in cost per virtual desktop, from $91.19 to only $38.24 per desktop.

Bob Ogrey, cloud evangelist and fellow, AMD, said: “We don’t believe organizations have to compromise one for the other. Using systems based on the AMD Open 3.0 specification — the first open source, modular platform for the masses — enables high performance and energy efficiency at a reasonable price, making it the best choice for organizations.”

In May 2012 AMD released the AMD Open specification, and in January 2013 demonstrated systems based on this specification for the first time.

Systems are now in full production and available through a number of technology partners including Avnet, Hyve, Penguin Computing and ZT Systems.

AMD Open 3.0 systems can be installed in standard 19″ rack environments without modification, as well as in Open Rack environments, and managed openly using standards such as Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) from the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).

The motherboard is 16″ x 16.7″ and designed to fit into 1U, 1.5U, 2U or 3U rack height servers.

It features two AMD Opteron 6300 Series processors, each with 12 memory sockets, allowing up to 384GB of DDR3 DRAM (four channels with three DIMMs each,) 6 Serial ATA (SATA) connections per board, one dual channel gigabit Ethernet NIC with integrated management, up to four PCI Express expansion slots, one serial port, two USB ports and a mezzanine connector for custom module solutions such as the Mellanox I/O module or Broadcom management module. Specific PCI Express card support is dependent on usage case and chassis height.


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