Alm. Brand Group Strikes Automation Collaboration with Cognizant to Boost Efficiency and Customer Experience

Cognizant has signed a technology sourcing deal with Alm. Brand Group, a prominent insurance entity in Denmark, signaling a strategic shift in business process management.
Cognizant employeesThis partnership marks a significant move by Cognizant, taking charge of a spectrum of previously outsourced operations from Alm. Brand Group, aimed at driving automation and redefining efficiency within the insurance domain.

The focus of this collaboration lies in streamlining and automating diverse business processes, including the handling of insurance policies and administrative tasks that traditionally relied on manual methodologies. The intent is clear: to revolutionize efficiency, expedite task completion, and fundamentally elevate the customer experience.

Cognizant’s blueprint includes leveraging automation to expedite these processes, allowing for swift and precise task execution, thereby offering a superior customer journey. The collaboration also entails a comprehensive evaluation to identify further automation opportunities, synergizing with Alm. Brand Group’s in-house automation specialists.

To fuel this ambitious initiative, Cognizant plans to centralize all of Alm. Brand Group’s outsourced processes in its Danish and Nordic speaking Centre of Excellence in Vilnius, Lithuania. This center specializes in insurance operations and stands as a testament to Cognizant’s commitment to localized expertise and industry-specific innovation.

Camilla Amstrup, Group Executive Director responsible for Commercial Lines at Alm. Brand Group, affirmed, “Our strategic move towards automating outsourced processes signifies a dedication to enhancing efficiency and elevating customer experiences. Cognizant emerged as our preferred partner due to their expertise in orchestrating automation strategies that redefine business processes.”

Thomas Djursoe, Country Manager of Cognizant Denmark, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the transformative potential of automation within the insurance sector. Djursoe highlighted the multifaceted advantages, stating, “Automation is the linchpin for operational modernization, cost reduction, and superior customer engagement. Businesses embracing digital transformation, like Alm. Brand Group, are poised to gain a competitive edge.”

The collaboration stands as a testament to Cognizant’s prowess in steering automation and innovation across industries, fostering a future-ready approach and aligning with the global thrust towards digital transformation.

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