Adobe to integrate AI tools into video editing software

Adobe is planning to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its video editing software for the film and television industries.
Adobe MaxThe company is currently testing the system and is expected to release the new video tools later this year. The AI tools will enable video editors to modify various aspects of their footage, such as altering the lighting from midday to sunset, or generating background music by inputting a few words of text. Adobe’s new Firefly system, introduced last month, serves as the basis for the AI tools and can generate still images and text.

Generative AI has gained significant interest recently, driven by tools such as Microsoft-backed OpenAI and Stability AI, which allow users to create unique images based on brief textual descriptions. However, legal issues emerged after Getty Images accused Stability AI of misusing its copyrighted images to train its AI system, raising questions about whether the output of such AI systems could be used for commercial purposes.

Adobe, one of the largest software suppliers for visual and video artists, assures its customers that its Firefly system’s output will be legally safe for commercial use.

The new AI tools will enable users to input a script, after which the system will automatically generate a storyboard for the finished video, even recommending some shots for a rough cut of the story. The advertising industry can also benefit from the new system’s features, which can take footage and generate various background music and scenery for different countries.

According to Ivo Manolov, Adobe’s VP of digital and video audio enterprise offerings, the system can produce up to 1,000 localized versions of the same video with a single button.

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