Adobe makes it easier for teams to purchase and deploy Creative Cloud

Infotech Lead Asia: Adobe has unveiled the new version of Adobe Creative Cloud to help creative teams purchase membership of a single desktop application like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC or any other of the entire collection of CC desktop applications.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a hub for making, sharing and delivering creative work and it is centered around Adobe Creative Suite 6 software offering Web, video and digital imaging tools.

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Teams can select from two plans: The first plan is includes 14 Adobe desktop applications as well as its cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities. The second plan is the new single app plan that includes access to one desktop application along with 20GB of storage. Teams also get the ability to showcase work on Behance, a leading network for creative professionals.


Adobe’s desktop tools now include several features. Photoshop CC ships with new sharpening technologies and designer workflow enhancements. Camera Shake Reduction deblurs images that would have otherwise been lost due to camera movement.

All-new Smart Sharpen makes texture and detail pop while minimizing noise and halos, and Adobe Camera Raw 8 adds even more powerful photographic controls to straighten and perfect images.

Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC allows designers to create a new level of creativity with type. This feature works with a mouse, stylus or multi-touch device. Illustrator also enables painting with a brush made from a photo.

For video customers Adobe Premiere Pro CC comes with dramatic new editing features, customizations and improvements to help editors work efficiently. It integrates powerful color workflows, with the addition of the Lumetri Deep Color Engine to easily apply rich color grading looks.

The latest Edge Animate CC lets Web designers create animated and interactive content with amazing ease and precision, using native HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Dreamweaver users can look forward to the most up-to-date CSS and properties via the intuitive visual editing tool, CSS Designer.

The new single app plan of Adobe Creative Cloud for teams is available for a suggested retail price of INR 2083 per user per month.  Existing customers with CS3 or later are eligible for single app membership at a suggested retail price of INR 1392 per user per month.

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