Adobe launches Firefly generative image generator

Software major Adobe announced the availability of its Firefly generative image generator for enterprise customers.
Adobe Firefly generative image generatorAdobe did not reveal the price of Firefly generative image generator.

The company offers the option to customize the model with their own branded assets. Furthermore, Adobe is introducing its Adobe Express design app to enterprise users, allowing them to access Firefly directly from the app.

“This new enterprise offering empowers users of any skill level to instantly turn ideas into content with Firefly while tapping into the power of Express and Creative Cloud to quickly modify assets and deliver standout designs,” David Wadhwani, President of Adobe’s Digital Media Business, said.

By bringing generative AI image creation and editing capabilities, this offering aims to cater to millions of enterprise users. They will have the ability to modify images using Creative Cloud, Express, and Experience Manager. Users can leverage Express’ collection of templates, fonts, stock images, videos, and music to create exceptional content.

Express is an all-in-one content creation app designed to make the process of designing and sharing social media posts, videos, images, PDFs, flyers, logos, presentations, and more fast, easy, and enjoyable.

Since its launch in March, Firefly beta users have generated over 200 million images, with Photoshop users alone generating more than 150 million images in just two weeks using the new Generative Fill feature powered by Firefly.

While Adobe Express for enterprise is already available, the Adobe Firefly for enterprise offering is set to be released in the second half of 2023.

Adobe, based in San Jose, California, has taken the step of offering financial indemnification to address concerns regarding copyright challenges related to content produced with these tools.

This move comes as lawsuits regarding the use of image data in AI services have increased, with companies like Stability AI and Midjourney generating imagery from minimal text input, Reuters news report said.

Although specific financial and legal details of the indemnification program were not provided, Adobe assures customers that they will be financially protected for any content created using Firefly.

Ashley Still, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at Adobe, said: “We financially are standing behind all of the content that is produced by Firefly for use either internally or externally by our customers.”