Adobe Expands Generative AI Features, Plans Price Increase and Contributor Compensation

Adobe, the leading provider of creative software, announced a significant expansion of its generative artificial intelligence (AI) features, available across its software suite. The company is taking steps to reward contributors while also preparing to raise prices for its subscription products, a move aimed at sustaining innovation and supporting content creators.
Adobe MaxAdobe is renowned for its software products, including Photoshop, which are central to its Creative Cloud subscription software business. Over the past six months, Adobe has been steadily integrating new AI features into its software, enabling functionalities such as generating images from text.

One of the key promises Adobe is making to businesses is that the content generated by its AI systems will be legally safe for use. This issue has gained prominence as content creators have raised questions about whether they are entitled to royalties for the use of their work in training AI systems. Adobe’s system relies on content for which it holds rights or content in the public domain. To provide added assurance, the company is offering financial indemnity to its customers.

In an announcement on Wednesday, Adobe disclosed plans to increase prices for many of its subscription products, with a monthly rise ranging from $2 to $5, effective from November.

Adobe customers will receive a specific allocation of “credits” for accessing generative AI features. Once these credits are exhausted, users have the option to purchase additional credits or continue using the features at reduced speeds.

Moreover, Adobe is taking steps to compensate contributors to its stock imagery databases, which play a crucial role in training its AI systems. This year, Adobe will issue a one-time “contributor” bonus to artists based on the number of images they have contributed to Adobe’s database and the number of times their images have been licensed through traditional means from June 3, 2022, to June 3, 2023.

Subsequently, Adobe intends to make annual payments to contributors for their ongoing role in training its AI systems.

Ely Greenfield, Chief Technology Officer for Digital Media at Adobe, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting contributors, stating, “We want our stock contributors to continue to contribute both for the stock market, which is paying out more than it ever has, and for the value they’re contributing to the training of these models.”

Adobe’s move underscores its dedication to innovation and equitable compensation for the creative individuals whose work contributes to the development of AI-powered features in its software suite, Reuters news report said.

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