Accenture works with Visa for connected car

Accenture is working with Visa to explore the future of Internet of Things (IoT) based commerce developing a connected car proof-of-concept.

Connected car can have customers ordering food from the car using cellular connectivity as well as Bluetooth technology, which will send signal to beacon devices.

“The next phase of payments is being driven in large part by mobile technology and it involves many new players and innovative ways to shop, pay and get paid-including the car. With the connected-car proof -of-concept, we are integrating some of the latest technologies that will enhance on the go payments,” said Bill Gajda, senior vice president of Innovation and strategic partnerships, Visa.

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Accenture has helped Visa with the connected car commerce initiative since the project’s genesis, designing, building and testing the proof-of-concept.

Accenture plays an important role developing the applications and integrating several technologies to build the technical foundation for secure and seamless in-car payments transactions. This includes car’s head unit, cellular network, Visa’s payment technology, beacon and Bluetooth technologies.

Accenture has experience in both digital commerce and connected transportation and will continue to team with organizations such as Visa and others in the broader ecosystem to develop innovative, relevant Internet-of-Things based products and services to provide real business benefits across every industry.

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