Accenture to support Junta of Andalusia for IT upgrade of HR system

IT services vendor Accenture will support the Junta of Andalusia to upgrade and maintain the human resources (HR) system for the Andalusian public education system.

Accenture in a statement did not disclose the size of the IT deal. The one-year IT contract will end in December 2014.

According to the IT deal, Accenture will provide functional and technical expertise from its delivery center locations in Spain to maintain the system that serves approximately 100,000 teachers and 4,000 schools.


The system supports payroll generation, management of teacher vacancies and substitutions, and various e-services and paperless administrative initiatives, such as virtual office and notifications. Accenture will develop new mobile applications and incorporate into efforts to make the system effective and user-friendly.

Accenture on Thursday said it will establish a balanced scorecard to help senior management of the education department define goals and strategies, communicate status of initiatives to internal stakeholders, and compare student performance metrics across cities and provinces.

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