Accenture signs IT deal to manage Safe City pilot program in Singapore

Infotech Lead India: Accenture signed a deal with the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) to manage Safe City pilot program.

As per the one-year IT deal, Accenture will integrate analytic capabilities into the existing video monitoring systems used in the city, to increase situational awareness, streamline operations and enhance the response times of city authorities to public safety incidents.

“The use of data analytics by public safety organizations is increasing at pace and is an exciting technology field for the public safety and security industry,” said Gian Yi-Hsen, director – Safety and Security Industry Programme Office at SEDB.

The Accenture Technology Strategy & Innovation Group develops the solution that will apply computer vision and predictive analytics to video feeds across pilot locations to detect public safety concerns.

Accenture says the solution will enable the relevant authorities to detect and monitor a variety of situations, including crowd and traffic movements, public disorder incidents and environmental threats such as flooding.

“Accenture is working with public safety agencies around the world to identify trends and improve real-time information sharing, so that they are better prepared to respond to the increasingly complex security and urban management challenges they face,” said Wee Wei Ng who leads Accenture’s Public Safety practice in Asia Pacific.

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