Accenture opens innovation center for financial services in Jakarta

Accenture today announced the opening of its Innovation Center for Financial Services in Jakarta.

The new innovation center is aimed at demonstrating digital and mobile-banking innovations to support growth for banks and financial service providers in Indonesia.

Accenture’s network of Innovation Centers for Financial Services is in Beijing, Bangalore, Chicago, and Sophia-Antipolis, France.

Accenture’s mobile and digital solutions can help promote financial inclusion, improve customer satisfaction, reach new customers, and reduce costs. Its clients can meet for interactive workshops and to see examples of new technologies that could be rolled out in Indonesia and throughout the ASEAN region.

Accenture Innovation Center

“Indonesia’s financial services companies understand they need to offer their customers the mobile and digital services they seek, and our new Innovation Center for Financial Services presents powerful solutions for doing so,” said Sushil Saluja, senior managing director of Accenture’s Financial Services group in Asia-Pacific.

The center offers a showcase on how to support financial inclusion by providing peer-to-peer money transfers between mobile wallets; how to increase mobile banking services for existing clients by offering services to apply for new products via a mobile phone; and how to offer more mobile payment options such as contactless payments at the point of sale, international remittances using a mobile phone, and redemption of loyalty coupons.

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