Accenture launches Predictive Health Intelligence for life sciences firms

Enterprises IT services company Accenture today announced the launch of Predictive Health Intelligence.

The analytics solutions will assist life sciences companies to determine the precise combination of treatments and services that can lead to better patient, provider, and economic outcomes, said Accenture.

In addition, Accenture in a statement said Predictive Health Intelligence enables life sciences firms to identify and analyze data from disparate entities, including patients, payers, providers, governments, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

This data-driven approach can help life sciences companies leverage better insights for determining which combination of services and treatments improve patient outcomes as well as the quality and affordability of health care.

Anne O’Riordan, global industry managing director for Accenture’s Life Sciences practice, said: “With this deeper understanding, companies can take specific actions to raise the quality of care, improve care coordination and apply this approach over a longer period than a single moment of care.”

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