Accenture Duck Creek Templates uses ISO Cyber Liability Coverage Options

Accenture has announced new cyber liability coverage options from ISO are available through Accenture Duck Creek Templates.
The insurers can easily create and sell cyber security coverage to customer with newly integrated cyber liability endorsements.
Accenture Duck Creek and ISO with their partnership are providing clients with up-to-date templates that enable them to create and deliver products to market more quickly since decades.
Company said using Accenture Duck Creek Template subscription service, insurers will automatically have new endorsements which will enable them to stay current with ISO definitions.
More than 35 insurers are processing ISO-related business using Duck Creek Templates.
Accenture Duck Creek Templates provide an out-of-the-box set of content for ISO, NCCI and bureau products as well as an on-going subscription service for circular maintenance.
“Using the Accenture Duck Creek service, we continue to deliver our customized offering to the marketplace. Being able to use ISO-based content, along with our unique coverage extensions is key to our commercial business,” stated Tracey Berg, CIO, West Bend Mutual Insurance.
“By staying current on cyber liability endorsements and any other new liability coverages, we can assist our clients in their efforts to remain compliant and to more easily create new offerings,” said Patti Griffin, global product lead, Accenture Duck Creek.
In February, Coverys, an insurance group, deployed Accenture Duck Creek software to support its property and casualty insurance product development and policy, rating, billing and claims administration.
Last month, Accenture deployed Duck Creek Rating software at Quixa, the Italian subsidiary of AXA that provides motor insurance online and via telephone.