Accenture CAS software with mobility benefits consumer goods companies

Infotech Lead America: Accenture says the new version of Accenture CAS software will assist consumer goods companies to better support sales processes and operations.

Consumer goods companies will benefit as the upgraded Accenture CAS software – called Accenture CAS Release 10 — offers effective and flexible promotion planning, and fast access to accurate data through enablement of their mobile workforce.

Most important is the availability of expanded mobile capabilities within the newly introduced Accenture CAS Mobility Platform. Consumer goods companies will gain while using iOS, Android or Windows devices.

In addition, the Accenture CAS Mobility Platform also integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management systems, bringing together all key users in sales and delivery departments.

Since the Accenture CAS Mobility Platform accelerates deployment of programs to popular mobile devices, it can free up time and resources spent on writing numerous versions of the same programs, helping to lower the total cost of ownership.

“The growth of the mobile workforce means companies need technology that allows employees to access essential information anywhere, from any device, with great performance. The enhancements to Accenture CAS provide flexibility for all users, mobile or otherwise, to easily integrate sales and operations processes” said Henning Fromme, Accenture CAS product strategy and development lead.

Accenture CAS can be used for ten users or tens of thousands, depending on customer requirements, and is applicable to both emerging and modern markets.

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