A beginner’s guide to marketing automation

Marketing automation has become the epicentre of marketing in today’s digital world. All companies, whether large MNCs or startups, have begun investing enormously to automate their marketing strategies. The key reason for this shift is the effectiveness of software tools that enable it. Every company wants to reach the maximum number of customers in a minimal time.
Marketing automation for tech job
They want to retain the existing customer base and expand it to a vast range of prospective customers. Since marketing automation helps automate the marketing team’s activities, like sending out timely emails, scheduling meetings and recording customer feedback, it is considered essential to take the company’s marketing efforts to the next level. Let’s understand this brand booster in detail. 

What is Marketing Automation? 

Marketing Automation refers to using software tools to automate the marketing process by reaching out to customers from time to time based on a pre-set timeline. It saves the employee’s time and energy to manually do those tasks like curating and sending emails or maintaining a detailed list of customers and leads. 

Automation simplifies such tasks and helps in accomplishing them quickly. The saved labour energy can be used in a different job requiring more attention. Thus, it increases the efficiency of both the employees and businesses.

Benefits of Marketing Automation 

Following are some of the top benefits of Marketing Automation: 

1. More collaboration across departments 

The benefits of marketing automation have spillover to different departments within the company. For instance, the information collected on the customers can be used by both the sales and marketing teams to understand consumer behaviour. 

This knowledge will help them narrow their search and find the most promising leads with the highest potential for conversion. By doing so, you will be able to generate quality leads and, eventually, better sales and growth. During this collaboration, the relationship between sales and marketing teams will also improve and result in better efficiency. 

2. Follow and target the audience 

Automation has the potential to track and record the activities of your target audience. This will help in following your potential leads and ensuring they are engaged with your company in one way or another, like sending emails or survey questionnaires. 

If this was to be done by a human employee, there is a high possibility of losing track or errors while following the lead. But automation averts this risk and ensures the follow-up is done throughout the customer journey. 

It also helps create a better communication platform between the company and clients. With such forums, customer grievances can be resolved quickly. Your brand value will increase if you incorporate such features using marketing automation.

3. Consistent branding 

Branding is necessary as people tend to make purchases by word of mouth. In such scenarios, your company must follow a similar pattern to market and deliver a product or service. Automation tools will help you to retain your style of advertising. 

Consistent and automated marketing can be used to curate similar social media posts like Instagram posts or Twitter tweets to register your brand in the customers’ minds. The content in the post should be identical across the different apps with designs to suffice the individual app’s functionality. This will boost your brand value. 

Tools like sendinblue will provide a wholesome package for it all. Customers will start recognising your products with your logo or posting styles which will make your company’s outlook genuine and promising. Once they begin associating themselves with your company, your automation tactic has become successful! 


There are multiple reasons why automated software are the future of tomorrow’s businesses. But the most vital one will be their return on investment. A company can strongly invest in good marketing automation software if it wants to improve its sales performance in a short period using less labour. What are you waiting for? Begin your search to find the perfect marketing automation tool to suffice your needs and boost your revenue!

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