8 reasons why Microsoft 70-697 exam should have the status: PASSED

The Microsoft 70-697 certification test is designed to measure the ability of a candidate to configure Windows devices.
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This is an exam that is mainly taken by the Windows device system administrators or device support technicians who are involved in a number of tasks in the organization, including virtualization with Hyper-V, mobile device management policy, data loss protection and using Microsoft store for application management.

There are several reasons why people prefer taking this test and earning their MCSA certification. In this article, we analyze some of them.

  1. Desire to stand out from competition

There is a strong competition for available work opportunities in the IT sphere. Due to such toughness, the IT professionals are always looking for things that can make them stand out from this competition. Earning a certification is among the top ways that they choose to acquire recognition. When you excel in the Microsoft 70-697 exam, you prove that you have what it takes to perform operations on Windows devices.

  1. Networking opportunities

The moment you decide to earn your prepaway by passing the Microsoft 70-697 exam, you set yourself on the right path to interact with a wide range of individuals. The Microsoft community is a great place where this interaction takes place. People join this platform to share their experiences regarding the test. Many candidates would like to be a part of such success stories. Hence, they use a considerable amount of time listening to what their peers who have excelled in the test before have to say. Such networking opportunities could also be used to put your minds together and come up with astounding projects.

  1. New skillsets

Earning a certificate is not an easy walk in the park. You have to spend much time studying and taking on technical challenges. When these tasks are completed, a specialist acquiresnew skills, which he/she has never had before. This means that such people are ready for new professional roles. They are updated on the latest trends in Windows devices configuration, which is a kind of expertise that is sure to make them useful in their organizations.

  1. Professional recognition

If you are a consultant, you will know that the clients do not just pick any person to advise them on how to proceed. They carefully select someone who shows a strong understanding of what they are talking about and can provide viable advice. The students who have passed the prepaway exam have a higher professional recognition from clients, employers and colleagues. These individuals realize that you had to put in great effort just to earn your certificate. Thanks to your determination, they have no other choice than to give you the respect and you really deserve this as a professional. Whenever an issue arises and they have no way of tackling it, you will be the first person on their mind because they know that you have fresh skillsets that can take their company to greater heights.

  1. Additional experience

Experience is an immeasurable resource to one’s career. When you prove it with certification, you are bound to stand out in your industry. Earning the credential can be a visible result of all that you have been doing over a certain period of time. Experience gives you exposure to approaches and ideas while the certificate allows you to demonstrate that you have a better grasp of all that you have encountered.

  1. Ability to be a better mentor

We all have the desire to be an inspiration for others making them wake up each morning wishing to be like you. Earning the credential is a great way to make you a better mentor. It gives others a reason to respect you more. While studying for the certification exam, they took note of all the struggles that you went through. They could see you sacrifice a great amount of time to be a real expert. That is more than enough reason to enhance your expertise.

  1. Title of a continuous learner

For most people, learning seems to stop immediately after earning their college degree. They cast away their study materials and never refer to them again. This is a terrible trait for someone who would like to have a successful IT profession. By getting the Microsoft certification, the candidates present themselves as the individuals who want to go against all odds to remain updated with the industry trends. Learning adds value into your life while at the same time it makes those around you to develop respect and admiration for you. Undoubtedly, this approach puts you to some kind of higher position.

  1. Achievement of personal goals

Many people always aspire to earn a certification once they are studying at college. However, such plans seem to get lost when an individual graduates. You cannot be blamed for that because we live in a fast-paced world. From waking up each morning for work to getting back home late in the evening and having to create time for your family, it seems as though you may never have the time for certification. However, personal goals have a way to always keep haunting you. They can never stop until they are fulfilled. As a result, scheduling to take the Microsoft 70-697 certification exam is considered a step in the right direction. It is a moment to realize what you have always wanted. Set your goal and make your dreams come true.


Microsoft 70-697 is rightfully a very popular certification exam. Therefore, you should join the group of people who have already passed it.

Yadawanka Pal