5 best easy to use Online PDF Editors for free

Editing a PDF file is not as simple as editing a Microsoft Word file. You can’t simply open a PDF document and start editing it as it requires different tools.
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PDFs editors allow the users to edit the PDF document. The PDF editors are available both as software and a website and both in freemium and premium versions. Most of the basic PDF editing can be done using a free online PDF editor. We’ve curated a list of five of the very best PDF editors options available on the web, which can be used for editing the PDFs online without spending a buck from your pocket.

#1 Smallpdf

Smallpdf is one of the best PDF tools available online, allowing users to perform all the basic PDF editing. It can be used for adding text for filling a particular PDF form. Additionally, you can use it for adding drawings and different shapes to the document. Smallpdf allows users to import the PDF document from Google Drive, Dropbox, and your local device/PC. This PDF editor is compatible with all the operating devices and requires no installation. All you need is a browser. It protects the documents uploaded by the user using SSL encryption for secure editing.

#2 Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor is available both as an online tool and a desktop service. The free version of Sejda PDF Editor permits the users to edit the documents of either 200 pages or 50 MB and complete three editings in an hour. This online tool can be used to add new text to your PDF document, modify the existing PDF text, add images to PDF, and fill PDF forms. Further, it makes it possible to add new hyperlinks to the PDF and edit even the existing hyperlinks in the file. The USP of Sejda PDF Editor is that it features to find and replace words which is a unique feature for PDF documents.

#3 Lua

Lua is a neat online PDF converter that you can use to convert documents of other formats into PDF and convert PDF into another document format. With Lua, you can convert JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF, and convert the PDF document into PNG, JPG, and Word documents. Additionally, Lua allows the users to merge PDF and compress the PDF documents as well, both of which are important for easily transferring the PDF documents. The primary function of Lua is to help you in the conversion of the PDF documents in a format of your choice.

#4 Sodapdf

Sodapdf offers a wide range of free PDF editing tools. The primary function of Sodapdf includes editing PDF pages, editing the PDF content, and even manipulating it to make it perfect for sharing your document. Just like Lua, even Sodapdf allows the users to convert files from PDF and to PDF. Also, you can use it to rotate and resize PDF along with adding your electronic signatures. Managing PDFs are easy with Sodapdf as it allows the users to merge, split and compress PDF. Furthermore, it can be used to both protect and unlock PDF too.

#5 Ilovepdf

The functions provided by Ilovepdf can be divided into six broad categories: organize PDF, optimize PDF, convert to PDF, convert from PDF, edit PDF and PDF security. PDFs can be organised via Ilovepdf by merging and splitting pdf, removing and extracting pages. Additionally, you can give an extra layer of protection to the PDF by using this tool by setting a password, signing the PDF, and adding a watermark. Finally, you can optimize the PDF document by compressing it to reduce its size, making it easy to share the PDF document.

All of the above PDF editors can be used to edit PDF documents for free, and almost all the basic features are available. The only limitation that you might face may be in terms of size and daily usage limitation. If you are not editing a vast number of PDFs, the free size and daily usage will be enough to meet your daily requirement. Also, you have the option of jumping from one PDF editor to another for editing a huge number of PDF documents for free.