SAP offers HANA express edition for fast data-driven app dev

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SAP announced SAP HANA, express edition, a downloadable version of its in-memory platform optimized for fast and continuous development of data-driven applications.

This offering provides developers with everywhere access to the SAP HANA platform to build applications free of charge on a laptop or desktop, or in the cloud.

The announcement was made at the SAP TechEd conference, being held September 19–23 in Las Vegas.

SAP said the express edition supports the rising demand for developers with SAP HANA experience, which is considered as one of the top-paying skills.

Developers can build applications that use SAP HANA to perform transactional and analytical processing against a single copy of data for real-time insights from structured and unstructured data types, such as text, spatial and graphical data.

SAP now delivers a downloadable version of SAP HANA along with tutorials, sample code and advices from SAP developer community.

“Today’s fast-paced digital economy requires businesses to be extremely agile, with the ability to gain unlimited knowledge from any data type and data source located inside or outside the company,” said Irfan Khan, GM and global head, database and data management, SAP.

SAP also announced updates to its HANA Cloud Platform, including a range of new capabilities and features.

Innovations comprise a personal edition of SAP Web IDE for offline application development with planned automatic synchronization upon connection to the cloud, and a software development kit (SDK) for this integrated development environment (IDE) that supports quick creation of new application templates as well as integration of partner tools into SAP Web IDE.

Additionally, open sourcing of templates for SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service, are now available to enable community-based content and experiences.

“The latest SAP HANA Cloud Platform updates make our platform-as-a-service innovation platform even more attractive for our customers and partners, giving them the speed and scale to develop enterprise applications and deliver the best user experiences possible,” said Bjoern Goerke, executive VP and corporate officer, SAP.