340 hotels and resorts select Infor EzRMS

Business application software provider Infor said that more than 340 hotels and resorts across the globe have selected EzRMS, which has been recently updated with Infor CloudSuite Hospitality.

Infor EzRMS helps hoteliers better optimize revenue management by automatically calculating demand forecasts and recommending appropriate selling strategies based on data such as day-of-week patterns, lead time figures and the number of guests per room.

Infor CloudSuite Hospitality allows users to share critical data in real-time, while simultaneously reducing the total cost of ownership by diminishing the need to purchase onsite hardware or hire supplementary IT staff.

Since its acquisition of EzRMS in June 2012, Infor has incorporated the application into the Infor Hospitality suite to provide a complete solution for multiple back and front-office operations including revenue management, reservations, sales and marketing, and talent management.

“Infor EzRMS not only analyzes traditional revenue from room reservations, but also ancillary spending from areas such as our spas and restaurants. This gives us a more comprehensive picture of revenue at both the individual property and across multiple locations, helping us to increase profits by more accurately assessing all sources of return,” said Martin Stanton, chief information officer, Destination Hotels & Resorts.

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