10 reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10

Software major Microsoft shared 10 reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10, which is now available in 190 countries as a free software upgrade for your PCs and tablets.

1. Familiarity in Windows 10
2. Do personal things with Cortana on Windows 10
3. Do unexpected things with Microsoft Edge
4. Game Epically on Windows 10
5. Do multiple things at once with Windows 10
6. Security in Windows 10
7. Say “Hello” to Windows Hello on Windows 10
8. A look at the great built-in apps in Windows 10
9. Continuum on Windows 10
10. Do one-stop shopping with the new Windows Store

Microsoft said retail partners will assist users to upgrade to Windows 10. The software company has more than 100,000 trained retailers and tens of thousands of stores around the world to boost Windows 10 sales. Free upgrade programs will be available Wednesday, with Windows 10 software becoming broadly available in retail stores around the world between mid-August and September.

Devices running Windows 10 will be available in some retail stores on Wednesday, with many, many more devices to become available in the weeks and months ahead, said Microsoft.

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