Yahoo Japan deploys Fortinet FortiGate-3700D data center firewalls

Yahoo Japan has deployed Fortinet FortiGate-3700D data center firewalls for the content delivery network (CDN) platform in its data centers.

“It is a cost-effective product that allows us to be ready for IPv6. I am looking forward to Fortinet’s future product lineup of high-performance data center firewalls enabling 100Gbps,” said Shinji Yoshinaga, manager, Network Security, Infrastructure Engineering Department, Site Operations Division, Yahoo Japan.

Yahoo Japan placed cache servers at the Internet ingress and egress points in their data centers in Kanto (Eastern region) and Kansai (Western region), which enables their CDN to efficiently distribute content to users – especially on smartphones and tablets.

By distributing user access among multiple cache servers, Yahoo Japan provides fast response times and reducing the system load.

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To handle the traffic, Yahoo Japan decided to build a high bandwidth network of 200Gbps for the new CDN — five times larger than the previous CDN.

Yahoo Japan looked for a product with a processing capacity of 800K cps (connections per second) without losing traffic logs.

They wanted to make the CDN secure by having traffic visibility through logs and analyzing security event logs. In addition, due to the space restrictions within the data center, they required a firewall with a minimal footprint and low energy consumption.

Fortinet’s FortiGate-3700D has four 40Gb Ethernet ports, and 28 10Gb Ethernet ports. The unit can provide up to 160Gbps firewall throughput and can process 200K cps without losing traffic logs. It uses the latest purpose-built FortiASIC NP6 Processor that offers performance parity between IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

To achieve the required 800K cps, Yahoo Japan built a CDN system with four sets of eight units of the FortiGate-3700D in both the Kanto and Kansai data centers. This configuration made possible high-speed throughput and connection processing by allocating 80Gbps both uplink and downlink with the core switch.

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