VMworld 2013: Fortinet to secure traffic traversing virtual networks

Fortinet announced a proof of concept designed to secure traffic traversing virtual networks at the hypervisor level.

With this approach, the security enforcement point is no longer required to be directly in the flow of traffic on the physical network and allows for injecting security controls before the traffic traverses the virtual network layer.

Fortinet says the proof of concept will show secured traffic flow in a VMware virtualized network environment that highlights security policy enforcement of communication across and between physical and logical workloads.

“As customers begin to virtualize the cloud network with the new VMware NSX network virtualization platform, we will provide holistic security across virtual and physical infrastructures,” said said Elie Bitton, senior director, product management – virtualization and management for Fortinet.


Fortinet will be running nine of their currently available virtual appliances in their booth during the show. Since 2010, Fortinet introduced seven additional virtual appliances, including FortiMail, FortiAnalyzer, FortiWeb, FortiAuthenticator, FortiADC, FortiCache and FortiScan.

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“Together, VMware and Fortinet are collaborating to ensure smooth operations, IT efficiency and business continuity as customers virtualize their networks,” said Milin Desai, director, product management, VMware.

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