Vinci Park deploys FortiGate security platform to secure credit card payments

Infotech Lead Asia: Vinci Park, a car park operator, has deployed FortiGate network security platform to secure its clients’ credit card payments and to comply with the PCI-DSS standard.

Vinci Park, which will deployed the FortiGate network security platform at 500 car parks in France and Vinci’s Park’s main sites around the world, has selected Fortinet’s FortiGate appliances for their ability to meet PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Moreover, the advanced network security platform allows the encryption of electronic payment transactions, the partitioning of infrastructure traffic flows, attacks detection and the creation of compliance reports.

Founded in 2001, Vinci Park manages nearly 1.5 million parking places in more than 2,500 car parks around the world and, in 2012, had revenues of 700 million Euros.

The company has presence in 13 countries such as Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Qatar, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Fortinet technology allowed Vinci Park to secure and partition transactions from end-to-end, between the payment terminals located in its car parks – that allow customers to pay for their parking by credit cards – and banks.

“Today, these transactions are strictly directed to banks and are saved and decrypted by those only,” said Guillaume Martin, deputy director of the IT System Department at VINCI Park.

The company deployed 390 FortiGate-60C and 110 FortiGate-50B in 500 Vinci Park car parks located in France. Also, FortiGate devices was deployed in Spain, UK, Czech Republic and Slovakia and deployments will take place this year in the other countries.

Patrice Perche, senior vice president of international sales and support at Fortinet, said: “With our network security platforms, Vinci Park gets a solution that ensures optimum security and avoids the unnecessary deployment of multiple point products.”

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