Vermillion Asset Management selects Red Swan to manage risk reporting

Infotech Lead America: Vermillion Asset Management has selected Red Swan Risk, a developer of market risk data management and business processes, to manage risk reporting.

Red Swan will utilize its risk data management tools to support Vermillion’s risk process.

In addition, Red Swan will provide risk analysis and consulting services, working directly with Vermillion portfolio and risk managers to ensure an accurate view of portfolio risk.

John Matwey, Red Swan Risk managing partner, said: “Without standard processes for managing risk data it is nearly impossible to know if end-result risk reports portray an accurate representation of an asset manager’s risk profile. We are very pleased to be working with Vermillion to bring this additional layer of rigor and confidence to the risk management process.”

Red Swan Suite of Risk Processing Tools automate risk data normalization, mapping, translation, validation, monitoring and reporting.

RS Translator provides an intuitive way to build and manage the complex risk mapping rules required to generate accurate risk reports. This tool is designed to automate the risk data mapping and reporting process, and is interoperable with industry standard risk analytics systems including MSCI’s RiskMetrics.

“During the past five years, Red Swan has maintained the highest standards in supporting our risk management reporting and overall risk process,” said Drew Gilbert, co-founder and managing partner at Vermillion.

The Red Swan Risk Reporting Suite includes daily internal risk reports, investor risk reports and Form PF regulatory reports.


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