Verimatrix faces cyberattack leading to data breach

Verimatrix announced that it has been targeted by a sophisticated cyberattack leading to a data breach.
Verimatrix boothVerimatrix took prompt actions which led to the containment of the data breach. Verimatrix has sought assistance from both internal and external cybersecurity experts to handle the cyberattack.

“The ongoing forensic investigation has not identified any impact on the products or services provided to our customers,” Verimatrix said.

Verimatrix revenue fell 12 percent to $24.2 million in the second quarter of 2020. Verimatrix

signed 17 additional subscription deals during the second quarter as compared with 10 in the first quarter.

Verimatrix closed the migration of several of its customers from IPTV on-premise contracts to Verimatrix managed cloud service, which includes support and maintenance, access to the latest version and ability to easily expand their subscribers’ base.

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