U.S the top contributors of spam in June, says Kaspersky

The U.S., Russia and China are the top three sources of spam around the world in June, says the new report from Kaspersky Lab.

While the U.S contributed for 13.2 percent of the spam, Russia accounted for 7 percent and China contributed 5.6 percent of the total spam share.

Other countries in the top 10 list include Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and India.

Distribution of spam sources by country

Germany saw a big surge in the number of antivirus detections, doubling the previous month’s share to 16.4 percent and removing the UK off top spot – the latter’s share halved to 7 percent. The US remained in second place on 9 percent.

During June, Kaspersky Lab also noticed an increase in fraudulent messages sent on behalf of booking services. These messages contain Trojan spyware masked as bills for reservations.

Electronic Arts, a major video game site, was the target of phishers who used fake notifications to access users’ personal accounts in the company’s online store Origin.

Percentage of spam in email traffic averaged 64.8 percent, which was 5 percentage points less than in May.

Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen again topped the list in the list of malware spread by email. Trojan-Downloader.MSWord.Agent.z was in second place.

With FIFA World Cup run-up, phishers attempted to dupe users by asking them to participate in competition to win tickets.

Also, Nigerianscammers exploited the situation in Ukraine and asked for help to transfer non-existent millions.

Among the websites, email search sites (32.1 percent) again topped the rating of organizations most frequently attacked, dropping by 0.2 percentage points; followed by social networks (27.7 percent), with an increase of 3.7 percentage points compared to May.

Financial and payment organizations (11.6 percent) and online stores (10.6 percent) declined by 1.2 and 1.5 percentage points respectively. The proportion of attacks targeting Telephone and Internet service providers fell by 0.1 percentage points leaving this category in fifth place in the rating.

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