Tyco automate security at Houston’s George Bush Airport

Tyco Integrated Security announced the deployment of a video-enabled exit lane breach control system to automate security at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The Houston exit lane breach control solution uses analytics and door control integration to alert airport officials when an object or passenger tries to enter restricted areas. In such a scenario, an alarm will sound and a warning light will flash, and the event will be captured and recorded by the system’s security cameras.

According to Government Security News, breaches of airport exit lanes have posed security risks and cost airlines, airports and the traveling public.

Tyco has integrated its solutions to enhance airport operations at more than 300 international airports. Tyco’s smart solutions can help airports target cost savings, operational efficiency and enhance passenger satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Tyco Integrated Security announced the launch of Total Security, a solution including access control, IP video surveillance and intrusion detection. Available via a unified graphical user interface (GUI), Total Security allows users to manage multiple security tasks on any Internet connected device.

Offering real-time alerts, remote arm/disarm capabilities, access management and live video look-in, Total Security improves workplace safety, security and business operations.

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